A tradition of quality and style

The shoemaking tradition of Mazzarella family was born in the 30′s when Erginio, Giuseppe’s grandfather actual president, owned a business where he sold tailored leather goods. In this little company also worked Alessandro president’s father, who, after the Second World War, opened a shoe factory for the production of customised man shoes.

Alessandro attended man/woman styling courses in Bologna, with master artisans who taught him the most important tricks of the job, especially for the realization of each single part of the shoe. Meanwhile he also started to produce handmade woman shoes.

Giuseppe grew up near his father, he learn all the secrets about shoe realization, then he attended the “Istituto Calzaturiero per manager e stilisti” in Milan: the famous Ars Sutoria school known all over the world. In 1978 from the experience of Alessandro and the creativity of his son Giuseppe was born Mercury. The company of Le Marche developed a unique system: assembling the upper with the sole by hand

The result is a visible seam with leather straps for an original and high quality product to satisfy requirements of flexibility, not available with industrially produced soles, and the taste and needs of a younger and an older target.

Today Alex by Mercury distributes its products throughout the world in limited quantities, this is because the shoes are entirely handmade, as evidenced by the small imperfections due to the manual process. A high level item for a niche of customers who want to have a unique shoe, Made in Italy and all hand made.

Who owns them he/she’s sure to have something different that are currently presents in the fashion world. The designer, Giuseppe Mazzarella, manages a young and dynamic staff of about 30 people, with specialists assigned to the control of each stage of footwear manufacture. Mercury joined the ANCI (National Association of Italian shoemakers) and Confartigianato, of which Giuseppe Mazzarella is the President of Fashion division.