A tradition of quality and style

The tradition of shoemaking at Alex began in the 1930s. At that time, Alex sold entirely custom-made leather goods. After the Second World War, the company began to specialize in making hand-made shoes for men.

Soon after, Alex started producing women’s shoes and the company went from a small shop to a true shoe producer.

Over the years, the company has developed its unique manufacturing process, that of assembling the upper with the sole of the shoe by hand. The result is a visible seam with leather stitching. An original and high quality product that is both flexible and comfortable, unmatched by industrially produced shoes. Thanks to this unique characteristic, Alex shoes appeal to young and old audiences alike.

Today, Alex distributes its products throughout the world in limited quantities. The shoes are entirely handmade, as evidenced by the small imperfections due to the manual process. A high end product, aimed at a niche clientele, willing to invest in a unique shoe that is entirely Made in Italy and completely handmade.